DIY Experts Share 5 Design Takeaways from Painting with the Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams asked DIY experts to share an inside look at their 2023 Color of the Year projects, including lessons they learned about experimenting with Redend Point SW 9081 and how designing with the blush-beige hue helped them achieve color confidence. Reach out to Sherwin.Williams@clynch.com for additional commentary or images.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about the decision process for your 2023 COTY project. Did you learn any new or notable lessons about experimenting with color throughout the process?

“This project challenged me to do something I had never done before, which was to decorate from a distance. I traveled to my hometown for this room makeover, which meant I needed to pick a paint color ahead of time. Usually when I am painting a space, I can stand in the room and visualize the color. This required me to make decisions without being there in person. Redend Point SW 9081 was the perfect color to take this risk with since it offers so much versatility. It ended up being a great fit!” – Annika Hinds, Blondesigns

“I planned out the entire space with Pure White SW 7005 as the base. Then I painted Redend Point SW 9081 as the top stripe. Painting Redend Point next to the white brought out the pink undertones. I love the warm earthy feel of Redend Point and how it made a simple thing like stripes on the wall feel so current.” – KariAnne Wood, Thistlewood Farms 

Credit Annika Hinds
Credit Thistlewood Farms
Credit Annika Hinds
Credit Thistlewood Farms

How did you want your chosen space to feel once the project was complete? What did you learn about using a blush-beige hue to achieve this feeling?

“I wanted the room to combine the warmth of home with the softness of a cozy throw—the kind of room that makes you want to snuggle into layers of warmth. Using a blush-beige hue in the space created a soft glow. It’s almost like taking a mini vacation in your home. You can close the door and let the space renew and refresh you.” – KariAnne Wood, Thistlewood Farms

“My intention was to create a space that felt peaceful and inviting. The little nook I painted is right by the back door with windows looking out onto a garden, so I wanted the color to feel like an extension of that view. I wanted a timeless color that keeps the space feeling cozy and relaxing all year round. Once I painted the wall, I knew Redend Point SW 9081 was the perfect fit! As the sun changed throughout the day, the color glowed so beautifully with it—keeping that calming feeling I was hoping for.” – Annika Hinds, Blondesigns

“In the end, I wanted this space to feel warm and welcoming, and the blush-beige of Redend Point SW 9081 really provided that. Because the rest of our walls are black, the contrast of color also really draws your eye to the space and highlights it. It was a great way to create a bit of a focal point.” – Shavonda Gardner, SG Style