Another Company Blog Post? I’d Rather Have Chocolate

Another Company Blog Post? I’d Rather Have Chocolate

Apparently having that sign up in front of the Plattion office stating “will work for chocolate” finally paid off.

We’re happy to be a part of Godiva’s new I’d Rather Have Chocolate promotion, where the delicious chocolate company asks you to upload your stories when you were put in a position where you would rather just have chocolate for a chance to win some Godiva Gems.  If you haven’t had Godiva Gems, you really need to remedy that problem.  They really are the everyday chocolate, which is a concept we’re willing to put to the test.

We did a lot more than just eat chocolate on this project though.  We built the site on a simple CMS that enabled anyone to moderate the posts and remove objectionable material.  We also automated the vote tallying so all Godiva has to do is watch their inbox each morning to find out who won.  We didn’t forget about the cheaters either.  The voting mechanism has spam and click fraud protection built in so the scammers are better off spending their time elsewhere.

The site is a great example of how a contest site doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.  The site leverages a design that is already commonplace on blogs and popular niche Tumblr sites and adds a twist to make it more fun.

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