It’s All About You! with Yahoo!

It’s All About You! with Yahoo!

It was an exciting week at Plattion, being part of the launch for one of the biggest advertising campaigns of the year last month.  If you live on planet earth, you’ve probably since some form of advertising behind Yahoo!’s new “It’s You!” branding effort.  It’s all about reinforcing how Yahoo! is a tool for the end users and not just a platform that aggregates content and serves you ads (that’s our quick take on it anyway).

We stepped in to help Yahoo! with the hosting and management of their virtual press kit site,  As you can probably imagine, when one of the biggest brands in the world makes a major announcement like that and points everyone to a URL like that, you have to be prepared for the floodgates to open.  And, boy, did they!  Luckily we were prepared and kept everything running smoothly so reporters could get the information they needed and get their story published.

A lot of brands are moving towards these virtual press kits to strengthen major announcement beyond a simple press release.  This site not only hosted the press assets and materials but also had a password protected area to view a preview of the TV spot, pulled in feeds from Yahoo!’s Twitter and blogs and had social sharing features to help the content be discovered organically in places like Facebook, Digg and Delicious.  Any brand that is spending a lot of money on wire services should take some time to consider the benefits of doing something like this.

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