Three Designers Give Three Takes On 2023 Color Trends

Almost three-quarters of interior designers believe that beiges and warm neutrals will dominate residential interiors in 2023, according to a new Sherwin-Williams survey of more than 250 interior designers across the country. Sherwin-Williams talked to three top designers for their takes on colors they’re falling for in 2023 and how they plan to incorporate these hues in clients’ homes. For more information about color trends, images and commentary, contact Sherwin-Williams@clynch.com.

Year-Round Coziness

“Warm neutral and beige paint colors are currently bringing coziness to spaces yearround,” says Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors. “We’re also seeing beautiful iterations of neutrals with more saturation like terracotta and blush tones. I love these deeper hues as they still read neutral while making more of a statement, creating an ideal palette for textures and layering.”

For those looking to stick to neutrals, Flanagan recommends Greek Villa SW 7551.

“Greek Villa SW 7551 is an absolute go-to color for me. I find that it’s incredibly warm for being on the neutral side of the color spectrum. The gorgeous color saturation provides the perfect backdrop for any aesthetic,” she says.

Credit Marie Flanigan Interiors
Credit Marie Flanigan Interiors
Credit EH Design
Credit EH Design

Browns are Coming Back

Erin Haugerud of EH Design counts the warm whites and beiges from the Emerald Designer Edition Warm + Welcoming palette among her go-tos and says she’s looking forward to going even deeper as browns make a comeback. “

Browns invoke a sense of grounding and growth as they relate to the Earth. Following the pandemic, we are all craving these feelings in the world and in the environments we live. Browns of every shade – from chocolates, caramel, and terracotta – are being seen throughout homes to warm up spaces and they also go with just about everything. We are loving this warmth direction and love incorporating it into clients’ homes,” Haugerud says.

What other trends are getting a refresh?

Boho goes modern: “One trend I think we’ll see less of is the over-the-top bohemian look. It’s been done a lot and no longer feels as fresh. Same with Scandinavian simplicity. These are trends that have been popular for so long and we’re ready for something new. I anticipate next year people will still be excited about color, they’ll want to use more color in their designs. However, rather than having a maximalist feel, we’ll be seeing color used in very intentional, sleek and modern ways.” – Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams

Open floor plans: “I love that we’re moving back into a clear delineation between rooms. While I still enjoy an open floor plan, having separate spaces offers more opportunity for creativity and design. I love creating a home’s color palette and aesthetic then working to seamlessly carry them both through separate spaces.” – Marie Flanigan, Marie Flanigan Interiors

Credit John McClain Design and Zeke Ruelas Photography 

This new balance has been found in warm but airy neutrals reminiscent of Earth, sky and sunset. Some of our perennial favorites include the always comforting Natural Choice SW 7011 and the slightly dreamier Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Both provide the perfect foil to this year’s Color of the Year Redend Point SW 9081, an earthy terracotta tone reminiscent of warm nights and arid vistas,” he says.