Helpful tools to turn big ideas into reality

From building a color palette to selecting the perfect shade that speaks to your own personal style, exploring color in your home can feel like an intimidating process. Sherwin-Williams offers several resources to make sure DIYers and designers alike can find, try, paint and love any hue within their space. For more images or information about these tools for both homeowners and professionals, reach out to Sherwin-Williams@clynch.com.

Try before you buy

The right color has the power to transform any existing area into your dream space. But with thousands of options to pick from, feeling confident about your chosen hue isn’t always easy.

Color chips are a useful tool for DIYers to see a new paint color up close and personal in their space, and you can have them delivered straight to your door. Drawn to a specific collection? Online ordering and delivery makes it easier than ever to explore paints found within specific offerings, such as Sherwin-Williams Emerald® Designer Edition™ and Living Well™ collections. 

Sherwin-Williams Peel & Stick paint samples are another useful tool to help you try before you buy. Designed for a mess-free application on a larger surface area, these make it even easier to test out a variety of color options in your own home thanks to easy repositioning. Sherwin-Williams 8 inch by 8 inch Peel & Stick samples are available in the brand’s most popular colors, including in the 

Emerald® Designer Edition™ collection, and you can snag them for $3.50 per sample when you purchase four or more online. Instead of waiting for painted samples to dry, explore what bold colors look like on different walls or in varied lighting to ensure you feel confident about your vision from the get-go.

Photography: Alyssa Strohmann via Unsplash

Consult a color expert

As you prepare to make your decision, book a virtual Color Consultation with a color expert for advice and additional inspiration – especially if working with a professional interior designer isn’t in your budget.

Whether to get a second opinion on your color palette or the final push of encouragement you need to go bold, it’s always a good idea to bounce ideas off of a color expert who is known specifically for their expertise and can help you see and identify opportunities to make the most of your chosen hue. 

Color: Kingston SW 9677
Color: Kingston SW 9677
Color: Merlot SW 2704

Sherwin-Williams provides free virtual color consultations with experts designed to take the guesswork out of your repainting process. These 30-minute meetings can be whatever you need them to be, from big-picture ideation to guidance on complementary colors for your walls. You will also receive a personalized project plan based on the conversation. If you choose to consult a color expert before ordering samples of your own, they can even help send color chip samples right to your home post-consultation to help you bring your vision to life.

So, what does achieving color confidence look like? It’s all about feeling the excitement of finding the right color for your space and leveraging the right tools to bring that vision to life. Whether that is a bold jewel tone such as Merlot SW 2704 or a soothing hue such as Kingston SW 9677, it’s important to trust yourself and your aesthetic to make a decision you’ll love. Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to use practical tools at your fingertips or seek conversations with experienced professionals to turn your big ideas into reality. 

Color: Merlot SW 2704