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Why You Don’t Need to Fear Facebook’s Open Graph

A lot has been written about Facebook’s changes in the way they handle private data since they’re moving away from Facebook Connect and into Open Graph.  I’m not going to rehash what Open Graph is here (but you’re welcome to read about it) but I do want to talk a little about what this means […]

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels evolve and contort faster than just about any other media, which is why brands need a partner that not only understands the landscape but can also differentiate a passing trend from a strategy that can deliver actual value.  We don’t claim to be ninjas or gurus, just solid strategists that understand these […]

Web Building

Building a Web site can cost anywhere from millions of dollars with a top tier interactive agency to a few free meals from your nephew at the local community college but which makes the most sense for you?  Our team at Plattion has the resources to handle roughly 90% of all Web development needs at […]

Managed Hosting

The cost of hosting has come down a lot in the past 10 years, and with it, the level of service and accountability.  Plattion’s approach to hosting isn’t merely about a promise of uptime but instead about a customized program that gets you the reporting and access you need without prohibitive one-size-fits-all security standards and […]


Have you ever thought about all the scenarios where you’d rather just have chocolate?  That was precisely what Godiva asked chocolate lovers around the country with their humorous site that leveraged social media to raise awareness for their delicious Gems by showing that they really can be enjoyed anywhere.

United Against Malaria

The UN Foundation, in conjunction with several other partners and organizations around the world, joined forces around the 2010 FIFA World Cup to raise awareness about a disease that kills a child in Africa every 30 seconds.  UAM utilized Plattion’s digital management services to keep their stakeholders abreast of everything that was going on in […]


When Yahoo! launched one of the biggest brand campaigns of all-time, they trusted Plattion to manage the corresponding virtual press kit that became the landing page for thousands of members of the media on launch day and for the months following.  The site became a source for up-to-the-minute coverage and hosted exclusive embargoed assets for […]

Another Company Blog Post? I’d Rather Have Chocolate

Apparently having that sign up in front of the Plattion office stating “will work for chocolate” finally paid off. We’re happy to be a part of Godiva’s new I’d Rather Have Chocolate promotion, where the delicious chocolate company asks you to upload your stories when you were put in a position where you would rather […]

CASE Coalition

CASE Energy and their 20,000+ supporters were rapidly outgrowing their original site and needed a seamless solution that showcased the work of the organization and made it easier to mobilize their base around key issues affecting nuclear power legislation. Plattion created a dynamic new site for the organization that both showcased the member activity in […]