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A Great Site for a Great Cause

The UN Foundation and their partners are giving soccer fans even more to cheer about next year over at United Against Malaria‘s new site, which is leveraging the excitement around the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa to raise awareness about the devastating toll malaria is having on Africa and other parts of the […]

It’s All About You! with Yahoo!

It was an exciting week at Plattion, being part of the launch for one of the biggest advertising campaigns of the year last month.  If you live on planet earth, you’ve probably since some form of advertising behind Yahoo!’s new “It’s You!” branding effort.  It’s all about reinforcing how Yahoo! is a tool for the […]

Email Communications

Email continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with several different segments of Internet users.  However, the buckshot tactics of the past where you simply blast out multiple emails a month to an entire database of users is no longer the most effective way to drive consistent ROI.  Plattion can help […]

What to Expect in 2009

After we finally made it official in 2008, we couldn’t be more excited for the prospects of 2009. First off, let’s look at what we accomplished in 2008: Established a world-class hosting offering Got our first Fortune 500 clients Expanded our expertise to new content management systems Made several new partnerships to strengthen our current […]

Client Service Enhancements

Starting in 2008, we’ve changed the way we provide ongoing support to our clients in order to offer true around-the-clock support behind all our services.  Whether you need content changes, FTP support or any one of the numerous services we provide, our new system will route your request to the right contact immediately without having […]

Upgraded Hosting Options

We’re extremely excited to announce a much more robust managed hosting program for our clients.  Gone are the days of having to settle for the bad service that comes with low cost/high risk providers or being left on your own to deal with the maintanence issues that come with high end dedicated options. Not only […]

Plattion is Alive

You may have known us by many other names previously but starting in 2008 we will be known as Plattion. The goal of Plattion is to take the best hosting services and combine them with the highest level of content management and Web development to provide a truly full-service solution for companies that are actively […]